Specializing in the
treatment of feeding
difficulties in infants
and children


Feeding difficulties can potentially result in poor growth and suboptimal development. It can also cause considerable family stress.

The Childrens Feeding Clinic offer a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and management of spectrum of feeding problems in babies and children with and without underlying disease difficulties. The cause of the feeding difficulty is often multifactorial. It requires assessment by a range of professionals specialized in paediatric feeding difficulties. These include a specialist speech and language therapist and paediatric dietitian. Referral to specialist a paediatric psychologist, paediatric occupational therpist and range of paediatricians of various specialities might be recommended depending on the presenting problem and the needs of the child.

Every child and his/her family are unique and therefore require an individualized and unique approach to intervention. The clinic supports children to achieve their full potential with eating and drinking development and provide support to parents in managing stressful situations around meal times.

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Babies and children are referred to our clinic due to:

spoon icon Poor weight gain due to insufficient food intake
spoon icon Food refusal
spoon icon Fussy eating
spoon icon Swallowing difficulties
spoon icon Vomiting/posseting associated with eating and/or drinking

spoon icon Difficulty in progression of food textures
spoon icon Breast feeding difficulties
spoon icon Difficulty with weaning
spoon icon Sucking and chewing difficulties
spoon icon Weaning of tube feeding

Children who do not receive timely and appropriate management of their feeding difficulties are at an increased risk of:

spoon icon Aspiration i.e. food entering the airway
spoon icon Respiratory infection
spoon icon Choking
spoon icon Poor nutrition and weight loss
spoon icon Poor health
spoon icon Hospital admission due to respiratory illness
spoon icon Anxiety and distress within the family
spoon icon Reduced quality of life

Feeding difficulties in children in London


Parents feel comfortable in sharing information and discussing treatment plans with members of the team

Children eating and drinking difficulties in London


Appointments can be offered within one week of referral and all team members can be contacted to discuss their child’s treatment

Breastfeeding difficulties London


Treatment aims to support children and families in a time and cost efficient manner

Baby feeding difficulties


Treatment is evidenced based following years of experience in the field of paediatric feeding difficulties.

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